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We had completed Last update on this ramadan month, ver296

Changelogs-: Server updated ver.296 1- Added new and old 3x pets with a high speed in npc for silk & coins 2- Arena Coin now is tradeable 3- Increased chinese damage . 4- Guild Emblem is fixed 5- Launcher's loading - Reverse Loading is updated with a new designs. 6- Fixed HP Uniques and reduced the damage of some uniques. 7- Edited [Dragon Flag] and welcome to our new "EVXSRO Flag" 8- Edited [Gold Coin] and welcome to our new coin "E Coin" 9- PVP DMG IS Solved. 10- Client with latest version has been uploaded We had completed the weekly update and i think it'd be the last update for this month meant, server will be online 24/7 no problems, etc Fortress war reward will be sent after fw directly Weekly events rewards will be sent after weekly directly enjoy, and have fun!

Ramadan Update has been completed. [Version.290]

instant level 70
Max stack increased 10k. Added new Avatar. Added New Unique's. Added New Titles for weekly events. fixed pill and bug pill back again. added new 'Spots' for Unique's. changed media's English font. glows from +9 to +12 has been updated. Increased Chinese damage. Added new Drops to new unique's. there are a lot of unique's name has been changed. The beginners title has been updated. weapon moon drop from mobs. items moon drop from mobs. changed filter. alchemy rate 2x disable area temple enable real temple Hwt. fixed crashed removed items from Npc removed weapon from Npc changed rewards battle arena [1st lucky powder] winner get 2 lose 0 reset honor buff spots new uniques's

New Uniques Spots
karkadann same spots demon Arabian Khluood same Lord Yarkan spots Arabian Shaitan same Isyutaru spots Arabian Karkadann same Demon spots
Happy Ramadan 2020!

Happy Ramadan

Ramadan's update will be applicited to EvxSRO , and we're preparing for this. just wait for us.

Welcome to Evx

We've to thank you everyone for choosen EvxSRO!.